Welcome to my website. You can access my work experience and a lot of information about me through this site. In the past few years, I have developed projects with ReactJS and React-native. In my free time, I record podcasts; you can access them from Spotify, etc. I also make educational videos for developers on YouTube.







React Native




ReactJS Developer – GuruDesk OÜ
2019 – PRESENT

Customer-specific solutions web application development with ReactJS

React Native Developer  – Webulos OG
2018 – 2019

Customer-specific solutions with mobile application development and ReactJS

Front End Developer – Turuncu Internet Solutions
2016 – 2018

Customer-specific website construction and psd to html processes of designs

Front End Developer – Tatko Holding
2013 – 2016

Special order panel project for the use of dealers affiliated with the company

Personal Projects

Ruyacım Mobile App
Release : 2019

An application where people send their dreams and an editor in the background interprets these dreams

Apple Store | Google Play | Web Site

SleepFic Mobile App
Release: 2020

A mobile application that contains special sounds for people to sleep faster and more comfortably

Apple Store | Google Play

Pure SASS Library
Release : 2018

Pure SCSS library is a SCSS library that allows you to do more by writing less CSS.

GitHub | Documention

Nano Theme – VSCode
Release: 2017

It was made using only beautiful colors. A regularly updated VScode Theme

Visual Studio Marketplace

Social Media


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